Just an Update on this site

4 02 2013

Some of my word press blogs have overlapped and thus may contain artwork, that I have created. If you scroll or look at the side menu, you will find the activities for children and family, that I originally created this blog for……


Playing With Picasa and My Photos Along the Road

11 12 2012

Playing With Picasa and My Photos Along the Road.

Added Bead Embellishments to Fabric Bowls

15 11 2010

This is a photo update of additional work applied to my bowls.

Blue Beaded Bowl

Blue Beaded Willow Type Bowl

artistic bowl

Beaded Star Bowl

Fabric Bowls

All three Bowls

Make the Bowl, Bag or Box a Beautiful, Useable Addition in Gift Giving

12 11 2010


Stars, Sunflowers, Kitty and Butter Cups

More Fabric Bowls


One of the age-old ways to give gifts, is in a basket. I use to love to wrap many tiny, medium and other sized packages, creatively and arrange them in a basket, adorned with ribbons, to give as a gift. If you know my mentality, I like to give gifts on days that are not the standard holidays, however this is a good idea for the holiday season, as well.

Create your own or purchase from your local artisan, a bowl to put all your items in and give that as a complete package to the ones you love. You can choose a theme or holiday and truly make this a memorable moment for someone.


Fabric Art Bowls

China Cat Sunflower of Sorts

Just as a reminder: Most of us, who post on here, also market the items we present. All fabric items can be custom ordered to fit a specific need, situation, birthday, wedding, holiday, event and so forth. Support your local artist and help them out, by purchasing from them. Just one small purchase can make the day for some, and I am one of them!


Fabric Bowls Are Truely a Welcome to Create

11 11 2010

Thanks to the local library and a wonderful artist and author,  Linda Johansen, I have a new love in life.  I recently began making fabric bowls. I also want to make vases and boxes. I will be adding to and embellishing and doing all  that is possible to make, my own bowls, with my signature art effects.  The bowls in the photos are the beginning. I made two prior to these, but they are even more primitive.

The initial descriptions for these type of bowls, states that they are fun, fast and easy. I think that is partially true. I find them to be sometimes difficult and while some of the process is easy, in order to make a unique and impressive bowl, it is not fast.

Since I have most of the past experience from dollmaking to fall back upon, I can work to create and mold the bowls. I also want to incorporate beadwork, fabric origami and more to make them incredible.

I will be offering bowls for sale at the upcoming Art’s and Craft Show for Monarch Community Alternative School and will post the poster somewhere on this site….

Anyway, I have not yet finished these completely. Some need more…such as embellishments and I have to sew in between keeping those in the world around me, happy.  These are the first….and will run from $20.00 up. They are all reversible and while not perfect….kind of pretty….and a bit more than pretty in some cases.

Fabric Art Bowls

Fabric Bowls

Remembering Blue Willow

fabric art

Butterfllies Coming to Life



Newest Projects and More to Come

4 10 2010
Herbal Dream Pillows


Custom Designed Purse

Custom Designed Purse

Cross Ornaments Made From Nature

Christmas Cross Ornaments

Nature's Bounty Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornament Wreaths

I had the pleasure of participating in the ‘Freedom Art Fest’, in Aptos, this past weekend.  I asked my friend and local jewelery artist Phyllis to come and participate with me in this adventure. I did not sell much,  however did have the chance to meet new people and network.

I am doing so many things and now I have so many ideas, that I wish I could clone myself. I always have had too many ideas to create, however there is only one me. The photos, I am uploading now are the newest items.

I did start making wreaths like this last year, and sold one of them at the show. I understand that times are hard, however with the purses and pillows, there is a lot of time and work involved. Since I am working with acquired supplies that were in storage for years, I am now depleting those and will need to purchase for the future. Currently being unemployed, this could be if I sold anything, my only source of income.

Fortunately, working beside Phyllis, I was delighted to find many items, that I can incorporate into future projects for a very low fee…Thanks PHYLLIS….I want more and will be knocking on your door in the next week or two….

I hope that no one is offended by the Cannabis Leaf Art. It is not representative of  a stoner culture or mentality. The leaves are beautiful and I am going to be using this same principle to make some autumn type of hangings. About 30+ years ago, I made a beautiful fabric autumn leaf mobile, when I lived in Morro Bay, so that is partially my inspiration….

Contact me through my blog if you are interested in anything in particular.  Thanks for stopping by. I am also on Word Press, with my cloth dolls and patterns, under my Oregon Past Business Name:

Fir Grove Designs

Cali Wild Violet Creations

In addition to what is posted here, I do have a book that I designed and have not put into publication or full press, due to funds. It is childrens projects using the alphabet from A – Z, projects for each letter, using inexpensive items, colored paper, straws, paper plates, etc.

I also am considering putting my paper dolls into a book for sale. My patterns for dolls are available as well.

October 14, 2010

Cali Wild Violet Creations

30 04 2010

Clutch, Small Purse

My newest designs are for adults, wandering away from childen’s activities. These are the first in a series of purses, that will range from small to large.

Each of the featured clutches in the first photo are priced at $45.00.

Each purse, was originally designed to be used for medicinal herb, with a section for the card, lighter and your meds, however the designs evolved a bit more elegantly than I originally planned.

I have a problem, staying simple. Each small purse has several pockets, bead work or antique buttons closure. Some  have a hidden snap closure. Some have a long cord handle and or a smaller fabric handle.

I am more than willing to take orders for custom designs and would love to assist you, in creating your vision.

If you have an outfit in an off color and want an accessory to carry, that compliments your attire, I can probably design it and carefully construct the actual purse. All of my purses are one of a kind, because even though some individuals, just have to have that designer name, who really wants to have the duplicate of what everyone else is carrying around?

Book Bag

All cotton, woven fabric, with three inside pockets and one small exterior pocket. $65.00

Perfect size for a Kindle or other small tablets, sketchbooks and journals.

Coin Purses

My Collection

Beautiful Handmade Medicinal and Fun Purses

I am continuing to add to this collection. All new designs, in all shapes and sizes…These bags will be available soon at the Boulder Creek Collective, near Rainbow Cafe, in Boulder Creek, California.

If anyone sees this and would like me to participate in a show, festival or whatever, just send me a comment and a way to contact you and I will try to be there…